New video will be for the song Iridescent.

Here is what Mike says:

A few months ago, I got on the phone with Michael Bay, who wanted to discuss the possibility of our band continuing our run with songs paired with the Transformers films. We (he, his team, and our band) all have enjoyed working together on the past two, and he wanted to discuss the ideas we might have for Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon. In particular, one song came up immediately. Ever since we started playing Iridescent live, the song has been a fan favorite at the show.

For the film, there’s a new, slightly shorter version of the song, which is floating around the internet now. We’ll be shooting a video for the song tomorrow, directed by Joe Hahn.

Watch trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vviMYRRo6s&feature=player_embedded



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Rob will be stopping by the LPU chat room tomorrow, April 14 at around 12pm PST. Due to the band’s schedule tomorrow, Rob may be earlier or later than 12pm, so make sure you Like LPU on Facebook where we’ll post just before Rob logs in.

Port Au Prince, Haiti — As Haiti welcomes a new president, who also happens to be a musician, we started to think about the power of music to bring change to Haiti. Music has long been a source of inspiration to people and can be the perfect motivator to incite action to create a better world. As a member of a rock band and leader at the United Nations Foundation, we are a unique pair, but our goal is the same. We are committed to helping the United Nations protect Haitian women and girls from violence in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake and we are urging music fans around the world to do the same. Nearly 3 million people were made homeless in an instant when the massive 7.0 earthquake shook Haiti in January of last year. Survivors pitched tents and set up tarps on any open spaces they could find. During our trip to Haiti today, we met with several women who represent the nearly one million people who are still living in these so-called “spontaneous settlements.” A combination of darkness and cramped conditions has spawned a wave of gender-based violence. In some of the larger camps, rapes are almost a daily occurrence. To make matters worse, there is little recourse for justice for victims of sexual violence. Yet, relatively simple things can go a long way toward improving the safety and welfare of women living in camps. One of the most common requests from camp residents is for lighting at night so that women and young girls can feel safer when walking to the bathroom at the edges of the camps. Street lights help to keep would-be predators in the shadows, so the UN Foundation and other partners are working directly with camp residents to distribute solar-powered lights to camps — and letting camp women decide where they should be placed. During a visit to Camp Corail, where 250 families displaced by the earthquake have been given refuge in temporary structures built by the UN, we met with women and girls who felt threatened for their safety at night because the camp had no electricity or lighting. The children also didn’t have a place to study and read at night. As a result of support from UN Foundation, Music for Relief and other donors, the UN installed solar lights at key locations in the camp. When I asked a young girl named Jessica about how she studied at night, her eyes lit up, and she replied “la lumiere!” A boy named Will said that, before the lights, everyone stayed in their huts after sunset. Now the kids have a place to gather with their friends. As we drove out of the camp, we passed through another UN camp where, solar light after solar light, the kids were gathered. So far, 200 lights have been installed in camps. But the need is much greater than that. That is why Linkin Park’s Music for Relief is teaming up with the UN Foundation to raise money for solar lighting. Music for Relief, a nonprofit founded by the band members of Linkin Park after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, is helping the United Nations and the UN Foundation provide solar powered streetlights in camps to keep women and girls safe at night. Linkin Park decided to team up with the United Nations because rebuilding after a disaster of this magnitude requires sustained investment, not just a one-time injection of funds. The United Nations has been in Haiti for years — and long after Haiti fades from the headlines, the United Nations will still be in Haiti helping the country get back on its feet. It costs about $2,000 to procure, ship, and install one solar powered street light. Our goal is to send 100 lights to Haiti’s camps. It is easy to help at Downloadtodonate.org and as an added bonus those who donate will have access to several dozen special tracks available for download from top artists. Stay tuned for a new video for the Linkin Park song “Not Alone,” which is included in the collection to illustrate the progress Haiti is making and the great needs that still exist. After meeting with women and girls today and learning the challenges they face each day, it is more important than ever to do all that we can to light the future for Haiti’s women and girls. An estimated 43 percent of households in Haiti are headed by women. As Haiti rebuilds and people move from tents and tarps to more stable shelters, we must support employment opportunities for women and promote the health and education of girls. In the meantime, solar powered streetlights will make things a little bit safer for women and girls struggling to get by in Haiti’s tent cities. So turn on the music, become inspired, and take action for Haiti. If each one of us does our part, together we can help light the future for women and girls.

Linkin Park’s Official website has had a slight make-over with what appears to be a hint towards Iridescent being the next single, as reported earlier on the website. In what is a reference to “Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon” if you click the moon in the upper corner of the main page, you will be played a short clip of a modified Iridescent snippet along with a visual of a moon and what appears to be A Thousand Suns style art forming the Transformers “Autobot” icon.

Will Iridescent be a featured track on the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack? This all but confirms it. With Joe Hahn teasing a new video on Twitter, you can expect a similarly themed video coming soon. Head to the Linkin Park site below to see the video.

After months of speculation on the next single from Linkin Park’s fourth studio album “A Thousand Suns”, today we have received word that the third US single taken from the album will in fact be “Iridescent”.

The single which is currently slated for a May 17th release as an internet single follows “Waiting For The End” which was released last year in October, and “Burning In The Skies” which saw an International release in March. “Iridescent” is expected to impact radio around April 19th according to allaccess.com.


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For this month’s LPU giveaway you can get a pair of shoes signed by Mike. These shoes were created by the band with DC a few years back. These shoes are really rare and LPU wanted to make sure that LPU member will get them.

They can get into your hands if you are member of LPU. Each month,they are doing different giveaway and randomly choose a current monthly or annual member to win. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world or you are on NASA space ship in universe,as long as you are current member of LPU ,you are eligible. They will be announcing this month’s giveaway winner on Monday,April 18.

And those who wants to know the shoes are a size 10 US.

This month is first anniversary of Linkin Park game called “8 BIT REBELLION”.

Here is more info about this game:

8-Bit Rebellion!
8-Bit Rebellion!.jpg
8-Bit Rebellion! promotional logo.
Developer(s) Artificial Life, Inc.
Publisher(s) Artificial Life, Inc.
Designer(s) Linkin Park
Platform(s) 8-Bit Rebellion!: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
8-Bit Rebellion! HD: iPad
Release date(s) 26 April 2010
Genre(s) Action-adventure MMORPG
Mode(s) Multiplayer
System requirements8-Bit Rebellion! (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad): Requires iOS 3.0 or later.
8-Bit Rebellion! HD (iPad): Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

8-Bit Rebellion! is a massively multiplayer online, and single player, video game released and based on the American rock band, Linkin Park for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

The game stages a plot in which players aim to defeat PixxelKorp, an “evil HD empire that has taken over the 8-bit world”. Players take on missions that lead them through several levels called “dicts”, each one based on one of the band’s members.

The game features Linkin Park promotional art as the basics of the game, including posters on the walls, paintings by Mike Shinoda himself, and all six band members drawn as 8-bit styled characters.

The game includes 8-bit and original versions of their major songs:[1]

8thNote.svgThis list of songs or music-related items is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

After beating the game and stopping PixxelKorp, the player then unlocks a previously unreleased song, titled “Blackbirds” along with a video. It can be listened to in the game. This song will also be available on the A Thousand Suns iTunes Deluxe Edition.


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New LPTV is fun. I think Phoenix and Brad should play for LA Lakers… Watch it and you’ll know why: